Are you nearing the end of your current Nissan lease? Whether you'd like to keep driving it, are ready to turn it in or don't know what to do next, we can help. At Napleton Nissan Schererville, we understand that choosing the right Nissan lease-end option for your lifestyle can be challenging. That's why our experts are here to answer all your questions and lay out all your options. Our Nissan financing professionals will help you every step of the way, so reach out to our team today to get started!

Nissan Lease-End Options in Schererville, IN

When the end of your current Nissan lease is approaching, you'll be notified by mail and email. If you choose to return your Nissan lease, you'll be required to schedule a complimentary vehicle inspection at our Schererville car dealership, your home or place of business. If it is found that your Nissan requires repairs, you'll have the option to pay for those prior to turning it in or buying a new Nissan. You also have the opportunity to purchase your Nissan lease. Your Nissan end-of-lease options include:


Buy or Lease a new Nissan

If you want to stay in the Nissan family after the conclusion of your current lease, you can have up to $500 in excess wear-and-use charges and your $395 disposition fee waived. To receive these Owner Loyalty Offers, you must purchase or lease a new Nissan in Schererville, IN.


Return your Nissan

Simply schedule your vehicle inspection and decide if you want to make repairs, if any are required. Then, make a vehicle-return appointment at our Indiana Nissan dealer.


Keep your Nissan

Did you love driving your Nissan Rogue or Altima lease? When you purchase your lease, you can avoid excess mileage and wear-and-use charges, but you will owe other fees, including sales tax, vehicle registration and possibly others.* You also won't need to schedule a vehicle inspection if you buy your Nissan lease.